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The data visualization platform project was designed for Danfoss Poland. Danfoss Poland produces power management systems for buildings. The main challenge faced by the team was the choice of the data visualization techniques. It was vital to present the ideas in such a way so that they could be easily followed by primary school pupils. We were not able to employ certain scientific terminology such as kilowatt hour or meganewton. It was necessary to adapt the content and display the information in a form of icons.
Thanks to the simplified explanation, the abstract data took a form of concrete dimensions and enabled the pupils to understand how important is for example, closing the tap while brushing teeth.

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The size of database we worked with
We worked on a large size database when delivering the project. There were three devices in the building that captured 24 various measurement units for example : water usage or air temperature.
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Project phase and time dedicated to it
Data sorting
Creating data visualisation and coding
Creating data visualisation and coding
What Clients are saying
We took the first step into transforming the primary school pupils? perceptions of energy consumption. Our aim was not just to create another static and descriptive web page but to show children their environment data on real life examples. Pragmasoft did help to make this happen.
Szymon Kniaź
Director Business Development,
Languages and frameworks used in the project

The project was delivered in cooperation with a primary school that aimed at educating its pupils on energy saving. Our team were to build a platform, which would facilitate pupils’ understanding of the information recorded by the sensors situated in the whole building. It was essential for the numerical data regarding lower energy consumption to be explained precisely via examples and comparisons.


The platform was to be utilized as a tool for expanding pupils’ energy saving awareness and most importantly, teaching pupils about the necessity to save energy. The success of this particular project was due to the short iterations delivery loops as well as UX developers contribution.
That’s the reason why the finished product was both compliant with the clients’ requirements and clear for the pupils to follow and learn from it.


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