Advanced analytics in educational platform

The advanced reporting tool project was delivered for one of our regular customers- a Norwegian company - itslearning. itslearning is a prodigious educational platform with customers in Europe and USA. It is available in 17 languages. The platform is being utilized by primary schools, sixth -form colleges as well as universities.

Team members experience
Years of experience
Number of users according to the report type
Clients using basic reports
Clients using advanced reports ( and still growing)
Process of educational platform report creation
Accessible data analysis and verification
1. Accessible data analysis and verification
Prototype creation and implementation
2.Prototype creation and implementation
Prototype usability verification and client requirements adherence
3.Prototype usability verification and client requirements adherence
Report implementation on the platform
4.Report implementation on the platform
Roll out of the usability report for the platform users
5.Roll out of the usability report for the platform users
Size of database processed
Every day our solution processes 3TB of input data from 1500 input databases. The database processing makes the data accessible for analytical and reporting purposes. Its? usage is also convenient for every user.
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Languages and frameworks used in the project

The aim was to design and build a platform consisting of warehouses and an analytical module for reporting.
The next stage was to integrate the platform with a working with transactional system.


At a very early stage the choice of technology and system architecture proved to be a great challenge, especially working within a strict budget and efficiency frames. The team delivered the project and implementation and is still developing many reports available on the platform.


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