We believe that Pragmasoft is above all, our employees. That is why we do our best to constantly provide them with professional development opportunities and work satisfaction. Our employees work in an inspirational , stimulating place, where brainstorming, sharing and contributing ideas is a daily routine. Every team member closely cooperate with each other while implementing the most advanced solutions based on the latest technologies.
In order to further intensify the learning process, we organize internal courses and seminars that contribute towards knowledge and experience dissemination. They are also a powerful bonding exercise.Such initiatives are a crucial element in building the spirit and strength of the whole team.

The number of employees over time
Our team is constantly growing!
Favourite working hours
You can benefit from flexible working hours!
This is what our employees can get
with cutting edge equipment (to which you have an access as an admin) , free unlimited coffee every day and fresh fruit supply twice a week. Straight to the kitchen!
In Pragmasoft we work in self-managed multidisciplinary teams without a system architect or a line manager who normally would make the last decision. All solutions come up from within our internal teams and every team member has a real influence over their shape.
Seminars and training days take place regularly. (both internal and external training) By joining Pragmasoft you will have the opportunity to learn from more experienced team members.
Job offers
Job offers

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