We are a team of highly experienced developers, testers and UX designers. We are passionate about bringing innovation and advancement right to your doorstep. This is our profession and we simply love driving Agility. We are proud to utilize Agile and accelerate our customers? level of innovation. Our mission is to translate the needs of our customers to adaptive technology and software solutions by providing lean software development.

Our experience

We have been successfully implementing modern business targeted technologies for many years. We have delivered many projects in different fields that contributed to improved business performance in both medium and large enterprises.

Developer?s experience in years
7,25 years
All developers years of experience in total
124 years
Employee experience in years
5,25 years
All Employees, experience in years
181 years
The best agile practices

Every sprint brings new, improved and functioning version of a product.

The pace of technological change might be overwhelming for some companies. Products and tools have to rapidly respond to change to stay in demand. A modern tool last month means only a standard option today. You do not need to see change as a challenge any longer. Thanks to Agility, it might be a new opportunity to gain competitive advantage. Efficient Agile implementation empowers you to become a market leader and capitalize on moving forward in a new way. We will help you drive your own Agility by suggesting the best solutions, in the fastest possible way to the highest standard. We will also listen to your ideas and translate all into software.

The most essential advantages of using Agile software development.
Thanks to client engagement in every project phase, the mutual collaboration between the team and the customer remains intensive. As a result every team thoroughly understands the vision and needs of the client.
Work organized in short iterations enables constant updating of the priority list. Thanks to the process, it is possible, even in the implementation phase, to introduce changes to the product, which must be fully compliant with the user?s needs as well as client?s vision.
Working in Agile, it is the client who decides on the project priorities and sets the targets that are to be met in a given iteration. Thanks to the process the team understands very well which functions are the most essential from the product development point of view and focuses on the delivery of the best solutions
Planning execution is an essential element of Agile methodology. The main objectives of the project are always set, but thorough planning is applied only to the closest iterations. That is the reason why the team can focus on the quality of the solution and its testing.
We always prepare a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is a product that is with just enough features to be launched into the market. Thanks to this option, very quickly and without a large investment our client is able to verify the idea?s relevance in the real marketplace.
Code quality assurance methods
In order to ensure the best code quality, each code part is examined at least twice. Various methods are applied during this process.
% of covered with tests

80 per cent of the code goes through unit tests.

the number of approved changes without code review

Code examination is an important practice that allows the team to develop high quality software. It also facilitates further product development, corrections and simplifies its running.

average number of code change approval actions per month ( performed by all teams)

Commit is a moment while code fragments are being added to its main part. As a result the changes are input in the system and become visible to users.

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