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We analyse data and turn dispersed information into real knowledge. Pragmasoft will help you to make the most of the information to gain genuine business advantage over business rivals. You will understand how to unlock the value of data and notice the correlations between various datasets. This is the key to making well-informed strategic business decisions.


By utilizing Machine Learning we fully equip your organization with best suited solutions. The problems that had been challenging for you in the past can be forgotten as you will be supplied with new powerful tools. The decision making process will be based only on sound prognosis and conclusions. Your business competitive advantage will not stop growing.


We strive to enhance user satisfaction with products, that are always intuitive and pleasant to interact with. The exceptional design makes our products stand out in the market. The solutions proposed by us will definitely captivate users and enable your company to become more competitive.

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We have created a machine learning algorithm, which is capable of predicting the chance of a student course dropout with 92% accuracy.

Learn more about Pragmasoft

Learn more about Pragmasoft

We are a team of software engineers who are passionate about promoting innovation. We develop software utilizing Agile methods.

Would you like to join our team?

Would you like to join our team?

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